Instagram Verification Package (Guaranteed Verifications!)

Service type: Instagram Verification (+ PR)

Price: $8,000 (Message for bundle deals) / $6,000 with PR
Payment Methods: BTC / Wire Transfer
Success Rate: Guaranteed, so pre-payment is not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?
PR will take around 3-5 days to post and on average 1-2 days to verify, although just to be safe I will set a deadlline to 2 weeks.

Do you provide the PR to become verified?
Yes PR is included in the package.

Have you been successful yet?
I have verified several accounts with PR already done and looking for new clients to offer the full package to.


Edited : Unfortunately it seems our submission didn’t go through. Seller was unable to verify one of my profiles.

Although, I still hope others get a positive outcome from this service.


How many PRs are included in this?


The minimum required to successfully complete a verification is 10, so you’ll receive 10.

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Verification price only dm me pls

I have PMed you thanks!

Just to be clear, Facebook verification is not included within the price.

We have an opposite opinion on that matter. But, let’s give him a shot.


Edit: please send outlets the PR will be submitted on. Thanks

Thanks for interest. I have responded to you.

No you haven’t. No DM in my inbox from you.

pm sent

Which articles are included in this?

I am doing the full package, not offering PR only or verification only (unless proper PR is provided as an individual).

Still waiting :man_shrugging:t2:


Taking clients! Had a few interested with proper PR that I can proceed with.

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I’m happy to see you keep bumping your thread. However, maybe you should maintain conversations with existing prospective buyers.

It’s one thing to be busy and not come on SWAPD. It’s another thing to ignore us and post here continuously.

For members here, he finally did send a little a reply without most core details. When I asked him to provide he said he will “in a bit.” Never heard from him after that.

1/5 - I’m out. Wouldn’t do business with you at this point. Thanks


You did not reply to my last message and I receive so many messages a day, do as you wish. A friendly reminder would’ve helped or something, but alright.

It’s not my job to remind you if you wanna make money.


I already have clients I’m working on, going to have to put in another message.