★ Instagram Verification Service for Public Figures, Influencers, Creators, Gamers & More!

:white_check_mark: Get your Instagram profile verified today!

I can process and verify most public figures, online content creators, gamers, influencers, and other relevant individuals within the entertainment niche. I am not able to verify any Entrepreneurs or businesses/brands.

Please send all strong and legitimate cases via a .pdf or Google document!


  • Strong, credible and organic press articles. Nothing purchased or sponsored/branded.
  • A Google Knowledge Panel (GKP) is set up/claimed with your social profiles showing & updated.
  • Personal website (if there is one - helps a lot!)
  • A firm/established social media presence on Instagram and other relevant platforms (such as YouTube & TikTok)
  • Must be based within the United States. I’m unable to process anybody outside of this region.

Pricing & Payment Options:

  • Starting price for all submissions is $3000. Price will be increased depending on the case.
  • All SWAPD fees must be covered!
  • I accept Bank Wire or any Crypto Currency as payment.


  • All submissions are heard back within the same day, but in rare cases, they can take upwards of a few days.

I do not ask for any pre-payments. Only pay if successful!

If you have more questions regarding this service, please send me a private message! :rocket:

Successfully delivered a verification for a content creator offsite!

Active for orders!

Just PMd you

First verification successfully delivered on-site!

Taking on more cases.

He delivered a verification for me within 6 hours when most of guys here in swpad said NO …
Totally recommend

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Active for orders!

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Can you do PR included in a bundle? :eyes:

Just submissions, sorry!

Active for orders!

Please stop sending me Entrepreneurs or cases with purchased press. I will not process them.

Active for orders!


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pm me

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