Instagram Verification via Existing PR | PR + Verification Bundles | Millionaire Club Member!

I’m offering a PR Package for Instagram Verification, which includes both PR + Submission / Verification. This service includes buyer’s protection, if you’re not verified, you will be completely refunded - press included.

Musician Verification -

$2,250 Total - Including Swapd Fees
Turnaround Time: 2- 3 Weeks
Bundle Includes:
PR + Instagram Verification

We also do FAKE Musician verification as well, if you’re interested in that, just send a PM with the account you’d be looking to verify. Fake Musicians typically being at an increased rate.

Individual & Business Verification -

As Instagram verification has become much more difficult over the past few months, the price quote for PR & Verification bundles will mostly depend on the account and if there’s any existing PR.

If you have an account you’d like to verify with the use of a PR bundle, please send a PM with the account you’d be looking to verify along with the existing PR.

I also offer Verification Submissions for notable people with existing PR:

Instagram Verification – Turnaround Time 1 Week

  • Individual - $4500 - Plus SWAPD Fees

  • Business - $5000 - Plus SWAPD Fees

Facebook Verification - Turnaround Time 1 Week

  • Submission via Panel -
  • Individual - $2250 Total - Including SWAPD Fees

  • Business - $2750 Total - Including SWAPD Fees

  • Submission via Login or Admin Access -

  • $500 Plus Swapd Fees


  • Photo ID is required.

  • We can also provide Facebook Verification in Instagram bundles, however it’s not something we’ll normally guarantee.

  • Post here or PM me for any additional questions.


Hi, I want to know if you have a name change service?

Yes, we do offer name change services. PM me for more info.

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how i connect you bcz i m new user so whats yur IG

I’ve sent you a PM.

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PM me, im interested

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Bump - Taking orders!


check dm



PM’d you, need submission also

What PR do I need?

You can send me any press you have and I’ll review it for you. If you don’t have enough press for submission, I can provide additional high-tier press to increase chances of verification. The PR Bundle I offer includes enough PR to guarantee verification.


Pm pls

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Dm again


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check dm

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@Swapd I’m curious to know how is he a premium member without any sales or purchase visible. Neither I can see any reviews.

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You can buy Premium Membership, it has nothing to do with the quality or sales of the user owning the badge.


do you keep the money, or does the performer take it?

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