Instagram Verification W/O PR (Fresh account + Username)

Instagram Verification. We create a fresh account, place your requested inactive handle/username on it, verify the account. We can not verify existing accounts because that places our employee at risk more.

Price: $9,250 USD [Just because you wouldn’t pay that much, doesn’t mean somebody else won’t pay] Have had numerous other successful deals completed offsite.
Payment Methods: BTC / Zelle

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with the price?
The price of $9,250 is close to the set price by our contact at Instagram. Instagram is the hardest social media to verify and this service is one of a kind. This service also is a *username claim service which by itself is worth $3,000 USD.

Does the checkmark go away?
Not unless you make it go away. Your account is verified by an instagram employee so it is not a stolen account. Violating Instagram’s rules will also result in your account being unverified and possibly suspended.

Instagram does not have a verification form, how can you?
Verification is processed internally. We do this through a connect at instagram.

How long does the process take?
It depends on the availability of our connect. It could be 12 hours to 3 days which is still the fastest you have seen! (Weekend do not count)

Shoutout to @Goofy for the layout!

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So it must be an unregistered username and PR is not required?
Does the account come with OGE, or will the whole account be fresh? Or is this just a verified account with a handle change?

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The account needs to be an unregistered or inactive username and will be a fresh account that is given a verified badge by an employee at Instagram

These prices are going nuts!

$10k you can make a scalable business within a month.

Worse than buying spots at a Kim Kardashian giveaway to grow your followers.

Guess people really throwing K’s around for almost nothing.


Agreed that’s crazy.

Agreed but there are those who have already done that and willing to spend their money.

Agreed. I’d love to get verified, but the return on investment just isn’t there for me at these prices.

Yes. Only return on investment is clout and potentially networking with other verified users. But there are those that are really interested on this service!

SWAPD Staff right now:


Agreed — there’s definitely value there. I’m not knocking the price or service. I’d personally love to have it, but I just don’t think the ROI is there for me. I’m sure for some it’s either a good investment or the price isn’t a factor. Either way, if people are willing to pay these prices, There’s no way I’d ever lower them from a business standpoint. Services and products are worth as much as people are willing to pay for them.


Thank you for the feedback. Hopefully one day I can work with you!

I hope so too!

Price is kinda crazy !!! But good luck …

Username of choice which is usually a $3000 fee and verification with sign up email not hacked or anything kinda reasonable

Supply & demand. If there’s someone willing to pay, then someone else is willing to do anything for a set price. Don’t forget Tiffany is selling a gold paper clip for $1,500 USD :joy::joy::joy:


Never seen this service before. Price is pretty high but theres definitely value into it. Any successful onsite transactions yet?

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Yes and when instagram does a cleanup bye bye 10k . :joy: and they do check.


@Swapd close this thread, offsite buyer was bragging about buying his verification in DM’s and got unverified after somebody reported his account and requested a refund. Do not want to risk my reputation needing to provide a refund on the negligence of a buyer.