Instagram verification

I’m willing to pay a little over $5000 to anyone who can verify my Instagram handle, because I really need this to secure a huge deal thanks.

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Please note I do not have articles with big pages

Please note, you’ll need 5. Anyone who tells you otherwise if lying. If you don’t have them then you need to work on that.

It is possible, you need a Wikipedia page. PM me and I can send you link to who can do it for you

I know someone who is offereing a panel on telegram, was speaking with him today. I don’t know that guy personally but he showed me proofs to his old account that was verified , and to someone else account i can give you his contact u can talk to him.
Panel is a link where u can contact instagram directly request merging, verification , or name of any inactive account

This is a picture of what he sent me.

But the point he is offering 300$ for the link . U can send so many time request for instagram and they reply.
I am personally going to give it a shot honestly at the 1st of the month till i get paid.

Can u pm me pls, and how much it costs ?

Thanks, wish I could find someone to do it without articles though

Anybody that’s telling you otherwise is lying. That’s why the cost is $5-10K per platform, sometimes articles need to be seeded.

You guys do realize it’s done in-app now? Anyone can submit the form themselves directly from their profile settings now.

We do realize ofc . But still u need a push for it

And u need to attach ur articles, u cannot do that in the app only passport

Here is a screenshot when i applied for it instagram sent me this as notification.

Daddy is a known scammer on telegram. Dont bother with his bs

R u sure a about this man ?
I don’t know him and he was trying to offer a panel as he said, he even told me u can pay half now and half when u get verified lol

Yes. He has tons of alias accounts where he will vouch for himself. Hes rude arrogant and hasn’t delivered for two people i know…that was a year ago.

If he has changed his ways id like to know

I am not sure if i will try to get the panel that he have … i am sure if there is one anyway … but wht he showed me shows there is a thingy called panel.

Do u know anything about TuPandas on telegram also ? They are offering verification for a huge price !! Like arround 5k $ is this for real ? I spoke to them and asked for a proof that they verified accounts, they just rejected to give me proofs lol which made me back up …

Please keep this thread open, anybody who has good info or contact for verification please reply… I really need it and I’m willing to pay thanks.

Yeah tupandas is for real. They wouldn’t do one for me because there was not enough press for the account but have delivered for friends.

But they are asking so much … is it possible u can share ur friend account so i can check it out pls ?

They’re asking so much because thats what it costs. Im not outting a friends account on here. Use the checkout system on here or pay with goods and services on paypal

Will the guy agree to use SWAPD? I’m ready to pay.

No idea. I dont work for them. Ask on telegram but DONT exchange money without escrow of some kind. Verification is a huge space for scams