Instagram verification

Service type: Instagram verification - Real & Fake musician (TaT- 12 to 24 hours)

Price: 6500$ Fake Musician Package + Swapd fees (4 week turnaround time)

Description: i can do real & fake musicians within 24 hours usually 2-3 hours (Depends on slots)

Real Musician submission 4000$ + Swapd fees

Fake Musician Package 6500$ + Swapd fees


  1. 5 Songs on all audio platforms
  2. 5k Listener on spotify
  3. Id proof Required for individual verification

Fake musician Verifiction need to keep music post & category on their profile for 2 weeks

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You can also do only submission for real musician?

Hey there! Looking for Instagram verification!

I have 15+ entrepreneur/business news articles

100K+ following on Tiktok, Youtube, Linked (Only 4K on instagram)

If entrepreneur is too hard:

Willing to be verified under other category (musician, athlete, etc)

Willing to change BIO (7 days) or Post related content for 24hrs.

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