Instagram Verification

I have an only fans model and p*rn star that I’m looking to get verified ASAP.

Anyone who’s worked with me on here knows i’m well connected in this space :slight_smile:

We can do it as a musician, but I don’t care how it gets done haha. We’d like it finished in a few weeks.

I can wire $10k today.

Reputable sellers only please.

Do have any press?

Some small articles out but nothing big. She’s all over google with videos ETC.

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Bump this somebody come at me with something!!

Update- I have TWO girls who need this done :upside_down_face:

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Who can get this 20k$ :cold_face: :drooling_face:

I have 3 girls who need this done.

Im even making the music and writing the articles.

Need publications + submissions with a guarantee.

Wiling to pay $8k a head for a total of $24k. My team will write however many articles we need.

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