Instagram Verified Name Change [FASTEST/CHEAPEST - 100% success rate]

Service type:Verified Instagram Name Change

Description: I can do a verified username changes if you own username you’re looking to have on your verified account. You must be the original owner of the verified page and it must’ve been verified for you. Don’t waste your time asking as if I don’t think the page was verified for the current owner I won’t reply.

Some small changes will need to be made on the account of the username that’s moving and possibly the verified account to make it look professional but I won’t need access or any passcodes.

The time frame required to process the request depends on the team’s intensity. Usually the request is concluded within 1-8 hours with an average of 3 hours at the moment.

Information I need from you to make a request:

Current Username of verified account and the email linked to the account

Desired Username that you own and email linked to the account


Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 12.48.17 AM

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Does the new username has to be similar to the current one?

No it doesn’t have to be similar but I’m not doing it for any purchased accounts.

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