Instagram verified - username claims - merging

Hi there!

We’re hereby offering our Instagram services. We got direct contact with Instagram and all requests will be processed through an official way, let us give you some more information on the services we offer.

1. Instagram verification (USD 3-5K)

Instagram verification requires your account to be public and you need a good amount of PR.
Best way to check if you would qualify is by googling your name and checking the “news” tab to see how many articles show up there. Please note that only articles that are fully about you will qualify, just a mention of your name in an article does not count.


2. Instagram username claims (USD 2-4K)

The username would have to be inactive or not available, please do not request usernames that are too OG such as @dogs, @cats, @hotels, @meme etc. since those will never be accepted.

3. Instagram page merging (price on request)

We can merge Instagram pages which means the followers of one account will be transferred to the other. Please note the topic for both pages have to match, for example I can’t merge a page about John with a page about David. Besides that merging is very hard and usually not possible.

We accept Crypto as well as Bank Transfer and will be using the Swapd checkout service for safety of both parties.

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Is #3 really possible? I thought we couldn’t do that on IG…

It’s possible. I’ve had it done after many tries. However the niche has to be very closely linked, even the handle.
But I know I paid quite a bit for it, not sure how much this person is asking.

@hyper is right! it is possible but very hard which is why the pricing is on request.


Hey we can do trade with Instagram pages, for insta verification or username claim

Depends on the page :slight_smile:

50k brother


BUMP, first order completed!

I can confirm, he just successfully completed a username claim. Good job man.

Can confirm too. Marking verified.

Can i know which is the price to merge 2 page ?




dm me for request please

BUMP, Online and selling

Removing premium tag. The seller takes forever to respond in his tickets, making buyers wait for days on end for a reply.

Unlisting, seller temporarily suspended for ignoring tickets.