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I sent appeal and get emailed back that they approve me , but still have the error message you You’ve Lost Access to Monetization any one faced this before

Thank you for submitting an appeal. We’ve reviewed your appeal and have decided to allow your Page to monetize on our platform.

If you have previously on-boarded to any of our monetization features, there’s no action needed on your part to regain access. You can expect to automatically regain access within 48 hours.

If you haven’t already completed on-boarding to one of our monetization features, please note that this review decision doesn’t guarantee your Page access to all monetization features on Facebook. Your Page must also meet the feature’s eligibility criteria, and in some cases, our monetization products are in testing stages and on-boarding may not be widely available at this time.

Submit the appeal again and add a screenshot.
Also tell them about the email that you received.

It will be fine within a few days.
I have faced it and it worked.

hey, any updates? having the same problem. i haven’t appealed yet cause i don’t know if it’s just a glitch or something