Instant Article Setup

Hey guys im looking for someone who can get my blog approved for IA

its a new blog but my page has over 230,000 followers

i have 10 blog posts written on it and its fully designed i just need help getting it all done and approved for instant articles

if you can help me with this please let me know asap :slight_smile:


Drive traffic to your blog / blog post for few days and follow the IA policy ( ) and you should not have problem to get approve.

Do you know roughly how much traffic is required? I had one guy tell me my blog had to be up for 90 days before applying and others saying it didn’t

Really don’t know how much traffic do you need but try to drive traffic for 1-2 weeks maybe… and i’m 100% sure you need to wait 30 days after you make the fan page till you are eligible to apply for instant articles.

Awesome thank you, the fan page is old, it’s the blog I just started

Thank you very much tho :slight_smile:

No problem, take your time and read carefully they policy. There are no secrets to get access to instant articles :stuck_out_tongue: people follow they policy, simple.