Instant Articles Help - Need Help Getting Approved

I need help getting my Facebook page and Website approved for Instant Articles. It currently isn’t getting approved due to “Minimal Readership”. Can someone help me get this approved? I can pay $200 for this. Thank you!

Drive traffic to your links through FB and you should get accepted, share it on groups.

All you have to do is keep pushing your domain on your pages, it gets removed within a day if you have strong traffic.

You need to at least get it 4-5k visitors everyday to overcome minimal readership. That’s not even the problem. If you’re thinking if you can overcome this and get instantly approved, you’re wrong. Later you would have to provide articles and wait like 2 weeks before even someone reviews it and then it depends if they accept you or not. If you have 200$ to spend, just get traffic from that money. Anything else, you can PM me.

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