Interested in buying all kind of FB ready to pay up to $10k for the right one

Hi community!

I’m looking for all kind of FB pages. I prefer niche audiences but I’m open to any offers. So send a proposal in the format at the bottom and I will always replay with valuation and offer. Even if i’m interested in buying that page.

General: Page needs to have legitimate activity history, does not have to be very recent although in that case i ll require a test post. Fb policy violations are ok, as long as disclosed.

Preferred Audience:

USA, UK, AU +Nordics and the rest of English speaking countries, high share of western Europe geo’s is also of interest

ES, Mex and Latin countries (i will consider but the offer and niche gotta be very strong)

Preferred Niches: art&entertainment, any fan-pages, sport, healthy living, humor memes, makeup etc.

PM me the following: (Best to send Audience screenshot)
Amount of fans/followers:
Country of followers (majority):
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?:
Activity: for example - 3 posts per day, links, images video split 1/1/1
Number of policy violations: Reach bans, copyright bans, spamming violations
Ownership change: number of times page already changed owners before
Sellers country:

There is few methods i use for valuation so PM and find out how much your page is worth to me.

It may take up to 72h for me to respond if I’m on business trips (please be patient :slight_smile: )

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Sorry @JungleGruzi
We had to remove one post form a user who posted a link in our topic. He broke our main rule, which is no links in the public. We have suspended the user until Monday.