Introducing a "Questionable Seller" badge

The questionable seller badge is awarded to SWAPD members who repeatedly listed properties that have failed audits, and/or are unable to deliver on the services they’re offering.

  • If a user has three or more failed audits, he/she will be awarded a Questionable Seller badge.
  • If a user has three or more failed services, he/she will be assigned a Questionable Seller badge.

If you encounter a seller with this badge, please make sure to scrutinize his claims thoroughly.

Why are we implementing this?

  • We’re tired of performing audits from sellers who have a bad track record.
  • This only wastes time for everyone, including buyers.
  • This should eliminate sellers with iffy services who offer amazing “I will unlock everything” promises, even though they just use standard unlock forms and pray for the best (we plan to limit these listings any day now).

We will not collect payments on behalf of buyers for sellers with this badge.

If you’re performing a service and you have this badge, we will not collect the payment from the buyer until the service is rendered. The burden of risk (buyer not paying after service) will lay on the shoulders of the Questionable Seller. Sounds like a rough policy, I know. But please remember, getting a questionable badge already means that the seller wasted the time of three of our clients, which resulted in the loss of money (transfer fees). To prove themselves (and to remove the badge), sellers will be required to do work pro-bono, until they can complete a service.


Heyyyy. Where’s my Badge? Silver Seller? So that Buyers should go to payment without any Audit?


We are also working on more positive badges, just for you, Hussey :smiley: You will get them soon.

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Well there be a “Questionable buyers” badge as well? Could come in handy for the sellers too :laughing:


I like this a lot, I think badges dependent on your rep would be incredible, or a way for buyers/sellers to rate someone after they’ve dealt with eachother

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