Introducting SWAPD app for Android devices - Currently avaliable on Google Play [New update available - 30.10.2019]

Thank you :smiley:

We have an update coming soon.

We plan to:

  1. Add back button functionality to Androids native back button.
  2. Fix a bug (non-responsive app while uploading images) Thank you user @vincent1100 for reporting this.
  3. Change the way you log in.

SWAPD for Android is available for update v1.1.1

What’s new?

  1. Android back button now takes you one page back.
  2. Fixed copy and paste issues.
  3. Fixed app crash while uploading images.
  4. Opened registrations for everyone.
  5. Added phone verification.

The app is good enough to clear the BETA stage!
Thanks to all the users who reported bugs.

New milestone reached! Android + iOS (combined) totaled over 100 installs! Not bad on for a starter forum! I invite all who haven’t tried to download our app. You will get instant push notifications, thus speeding up each transaction.

I cant get premiun ! I have the app ! How can I get premium

Not sure if we understand. Premium tags are only awarded to listings we review. The app just helps you connect better with potential clients. If you have any questions, send me a message and leave this topic for app related questions.

UPDATE (server-side): We have added native forward/back buttons.
Thank you @shaunthomas for this feature.

Next update (app):

  1. Fix display on tablets


  1. General bug fixes.
  2. Fixed login issue.

SWAPD for Android is available for update v1.2.1 (12.02.2018)

What’s new?

  1. Fixed app-crash on external link clicks.

Update coming soon.

Things we plan to fix:

  1. Image upload causes crashes on some devices.
  2. Clicking email addresses on some devices (copying) causes crashes.
  3. Improving the code so it causes fewer errors on the back end.
  4. Remove the need to reinstall the app if things break down on our end.

If you’re currently experiencing problems with push notifications, please read this topic:

If you would like to add features, let us know ASAP. If the budget allows it and it helps the community, we may implement it.

SWAPD update v1.3.1 (07.06.2018)

What’s new?

  1. Fixed random crashes.
  2. Improved notification window/removed the annoying OK message that sometimes caused users to leave a message they were typing out.
  3. Improved composer UI.
  4. Random small bug fixes.

The update is available to download on Google Play. Thank you!

Just an FYI, the long awaited Android version is in beta stage and should be released in 2-4 days. It’s been over 15 months since the last update, this one is a big one and will bring everything up to speed. We will keep you updated.


The long awaited 1.5.1 update for Android is now available at Google Play.

The update should be live in most areas, if not, give it a few more hours. This update is big and should make things a lot smoother for Android users.

SWAPD update v1.5.1 (31.10.2019)

What’s new?

  1. Fixed large screen compatibility for phones with bigger displays.
  2. Added dedicated forward/back button that’s easier to use.
  3. Added a share button for copying URLs.
  4. Added slide left/right to toggle notifications/settings.
  5. Added refresh button when a network error occurs. No need to restart the app.
  6. 7% speed increase.
  7. Viewing PDF’s no longer causes problem on some devices (no back button).
  8. Fixed a problem with hangups during image displays/downloads.
  9. Improved copy and paste options.
  10. 64-bit compatibility.
  11. Random bug fixes.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy! If you find any bugs, please PM me.


Just an FYI, for some reason when we’ve upgraded on our test devices our Android phones turned off popup notifications in the settings. If that happens, just go to Settings > Notifications > Apps > SWAPD > and enable all forms of notification.

Finally the all got all its deserved sexyness :heart_eyes:

Yep! We call it the Peasant IceCream Sandwich 1.5.1 version for Android :smiley:
iOS > ALL!!

And yeah with my new ipad mini i can’t even open app store in india to download swaps. First apple product & it sucks :expressionless:

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Just downloaded the app on iPhone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you guys for working hard!

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