Introducting SWAPD app for Android devices - Currently avaliable on Google Play [New update available - 30.10.2019]

Just an FYI, for some reason when we’ve upgraded on our test devices our Android phones turned off popup notifications in the settings. If that happens, just go to Settings > Notifications > Apps > SWAPD > and enable all forms of notification.

Finally the all got all its deserved sexyness :heart_eyes:

Yep! We call it the Peasant IceCream Sandwich 1.5.1 version for Android :smiley:
iOS > ALL!!

And yeah with my new ipad mini i can’t even open app store in india to download swaps. First apple product & it sucks :expressionless:

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Just downloaded the app on iPhone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you guys for working hard!

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