Introducting SWAPD app for iOS - Currently avaliable on iTunes. Update 18.09.2019 - Version 1.5 is out!

Cong. for successfully releasing the swapd app on apple and play stores!

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New milestone reached! Android + iOS (combined) totaled over 100 installs! Not bad on for a starter forum! I invite all who haven’t tried to download our app. You will get instant push notifications, thus speeding up each transaction.

UPDATE (server-side): We have added native forward/back buttons.
Thank you @shaunthomas for this feature.

Next update (app):

  • Make the app iPhoneX compatible
  • Fix display on tablets

SWAPD for iOS is available for update v1.2 (24.01.2018)

What’s new?

  1. Fixed login issues.
  2. IPhone X compatibility.
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SWAPD for iOS is available for update v1.2.1 (12.02.2018)

What’s new?

  • Fixed app-crash on external link click.
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Update coming soon.

Things we plan to fix:

  1. Image upload causes crashes on some devices.
  2. Clicking email addresses on some devices (copying) causes crashes.
  3. Improving the code so it causes fewer errors on the back end.
  4. Remove the need to reinstall the app if things break down on our end.

If you’re currently experiencing problems with push notifications, please read this topic:

If you would like to add features, let us know ASAP. If the budget allows it and it helps the community, we may implement it.

SWAPD update v1.3.1 (07.06.2018)

What’s new?

  1. Fixed random crashes
  2. Improved notification window/removed the annoying OK message that sometimes caused users to leave a message they were typing out
  3. Improved composer UI
  4. Improved iPhone X compatibility
  5. Random small bug fixes

The update is available to download on the iTunes. Thank you!

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It’s been a long 14 months without an update, but we finally managed to bring things up to speed for iOS users (Android update coming up in 2-3 weeks). Plenty of changes! So, what’s new?

SWAPD for iOS update v1.5.0 (16.09.2019)

What’s new?

  1. Swipe to go back
  2. Swipe to go forward
  3. Fixed design for bigger screens
  4. Ability to share links via iOS share screen
  5. 16% speed increase
  6. Fixed PDF viewing (no back button when viewing PDFs)
  7. Increased security
  8. Refresh button added for when app crashes (no need to restart)
  9. A few UI changes
  10. A few small bug fixes
  11. Back button
  12. Forward button

The update should be available in most areas within 24 hours.

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love the app :partying_face: excited for the updates :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Great news!


Our admin says he already downloaded the 1.5 ver in the US. But I am currently in Madagascar and the Appstore still shows 1.3.

updated mine just now and it is fast and easy, thanks for the BIG Go Back and Forward buttons.

Looking forward for Android

You can also swipe to go back :smiley: And you can easily copy URLs now and share them on SWAPD or anywhere else.

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The work/testing for Android will go online next week. We will keep you updated.

Android app is trash. I never receive notifications. I fix it and then it happens again a day later, so I must visit the app to see if I received messages.

Personally I want notifications only from whats and messenger… But not for swapd…! Except hyperlink thing everything is good in android app