Invest in my Idea - Business Oportunity UNITED Swapdsters (investors and talents)

(This is just an idea if it doesn’t work it was nice to try)

(All payments, inestments will be through tickets here)

This post is intended for people with ideas to find investors or investors to find good ideas. Also in comments section you can find people who have certain talents and who would offer to earn a percentage of the business with their work instead of paying them (or pay them half and half to take in %)

In the comment you should write the following:

If you are a person who has an idea
Write a summary of the idea, what it is all about and how much investment you need.

If you are an investor, write your favorite branch and the budget you would invest ((example 2000$ ecommerce website) (so that people who have an idea get in touch with you))

If you have a certain knowledge or talent such as programming, marketing, ethical hacking, design. Write so that someone can count on you.

I will be the first to start, I deal with programming, creation of cryptocurrencies, marketing, ethnic hacking, SMM. I can invest but also contribute ideas and knowledge. If someone has an idea that requires some of these talents I will create the idea completely free of charge and take a percentage of the profit (the only thing you need to cover is the cost of creating the idea itself)
We will invest half-heartedly in marketing.

Lets try this!