Is flipmass gone?

Been getting reports that they no longer facilitate sales. Can anyone confirm? And if so, anyone knows the reason?

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and here is me, dont even know what is flipmass :blush:

It’s an invite only app for buying/selling social properties.

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Never heard of it before.

Have you heard any suspicions of why they no longer facilitate sales?

The owner “doesn’t want to head in that direction”, from what I’ve been told.

After looking into it it seems Flipmass rebranded into paid posts/shoutouts only.

Yea they’re focusing on automating a marketplace moving away from manual transactions.

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Thanks. Genuinely wondering how they plan on doing that, it would be amazing if they could accomplish that.

It’s a long shot and competive market tbh - need 100k on funding to even entertain market adoption/tranction on such marketplaces

Oh, I thought you mean they are trying to automate sales of social properties, not promotions/shoutouts type of platform.