Brandable Religous Nutjob .com Domain Name Returns over 250 MILLION Google Results $2k USD OBO or Trade. Payment type accepted BTC

Domain name:

Website included?: NO

Price: $2k USD OBO and am Willing to entertain Trade Offers.

Description: Domain Name only, transfer via Godaddy.

Payment types Accepted: BTC using Swapd Checkout Ticket.

Just joking about the “Religous Nutjob” title guys & gals relax :-):rofl:

ATTENTION: If you don’t like my price or the domain name? Please just move on to the next thread without being a Jerk. Thanks in advance! (This statement is not meant for everyone reading here, it is meant for a select few of hypocritical VIPs who have handles listed for months that haven’t sold, but have the audacity to tell someone else their stuff is overpriced. For the sheer purpose of trying to discourage or intimidate new sellers here. I’m not a fan of blatant hypocrisy or bullies!)


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