Issues related to Ad-Breaks revenue

Hi guys, just noticed that the per day revenue dropped so much drastically without decrease in the video views. Anyone else facing the same issue on facebook with ad-breaks ?

My issues is getting videos approved, they just sit with the blue icon (not even showing ads before they are approved like when they were first released to everyone). I have a few pages and only one of them has the submit for review before publishing option.

I assume its just a bug at facebooks side and they will sort it sooner rather than later.

Every figure out why your other videos are not getting reviewed in a timely manor?

Nope, some just dont get accepted at all, some do its weird and very frustrating

Yeah doesnt make much sense honestly. Ironically after asking this, a video I uploaded earlier today just got approved. So idk

Yeh its strange, i had one video go viral now that page gets approved allot faster. Hopefully things improve

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