@jacobj Alert! - Do not deal off-site with anyone even with the most trusted on SWAPD


Thats right and its kinda sad to see quite many diamond club and such members on Swapd taking dude Jacob’s side thats kinda crazy

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Not both have a point, stop this madness. Charging $5k for a service that went down forever in 30 mins, you must a bit crazy to say Jacob had a point

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Dude move on
I had same issue with @PepsiMayo
Unbanned acc, then it got after 2 days banned again
and he never responded to me after that

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but when you buy a used car from a private (in this case dealing offsite) you have no guarantees, the “seen and liked” formula applies, if you buy it and after 2 meters the turbine explodes, I have no obligation to refund you. if you wanted the 2 year warranty as per cerrain law, you should have bought it from the official dealer (in this case here)

@zacchyrus95 exactly. Members defending Jacob also are loosing credibility. Nonsense

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Bro you would lose in every small cases courts. The only reason you are defending this is because you are a service provider too.

There is no way to justify a service or a product that lasts 30mins.


We all should should stop the beef SWAPD removed his badge because of the poor service.

And how about @superplug whats the next step now?

Are you still getting your money back?

yes i am in process of sending him legal notice


I think out of anything this shows that diamond club members aren’t as wealthy as we see from the outside, this guy just chose $5000 over his entire reputation on this site, which likely means he’s not made even a decent slice of the pie on Swapd.

Turnover = $1m
Profit = ?

Legal notice will get you no where in this situation

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And AI was writing fast*

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Diamond members are for 100k sales/purchases. It’s not an insane amount of money. Millionaire clubs is where the money is at.

Guess you never heard of hookers



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Idk bro i usually pay them for 2mins


This is pure entertainment here. I see why SWAPD kept the thread up.

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Swapd should not allow defamation for the sake of entertainment. The claims by @superplug that @jacobj scammed him is simply not accurate. The account returned after the service was completed and @superplug failed to have a comprehensive agreement to protect him from such occurrences. I, and many others, think @jacobj should, at minimum, provide a pro-rated refund; however, he should not be pressured or forced into doing so. Facts are facts.

Also, @superplug, I recommend against wasting money by hiring an attorney. Your legal claim lacks a strong foundation as you bear the burden of proof, and there’s no written agreement with specific terms indicating that @jacobj is obligated to refund you in the event the account gets disabled after the service was rendered, regardless of the amount of time.

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Yo @goat,

Respect your take on the @jacobj and @superplug sitch, but let’s break it down.

No doubt, facts are key. But saying @superplug shouldn’t lawyer up? Everyone’s got the right to explore options. Legal or not, it’s about principle.

Sure, written agreements are gold, but ethics ain’t just on paper. @superplug dropped cash, expects a service. Fair, right?

Keep it real, bro. Everyone’s got their angle, but let’s push for fairness. :call_me_hand:


Yes, that’s my advice as he’d waste his money.

Facts don’t care about feelings

I already said I think @jacobj should provide a pro-rated refund, but he’s not obligated and this thread is the definition of defamation.

Respect, @goat. But gotta throw it out there—this thread ain’t defamation. If it was, SWAPD would’ve shut it down by now.