the famous entertainment website

Domain name:
Website included?: Just the domain name
Price: Best offer

Description: I’m sure you are all familiar with LADbible entertainment website.

If not let me give you a quick background

They are a social website they post viral and trending stories and videos

Facebook page has: 25M Fans
Estibot Value. $65k+ Value: $600k+ Global Rank: 3000 - United Kingdom Rank: 161
Over 7M hits per month

If you do some research you will see big entertainment websites like 9GAG, Unilad, FailArmy, helloU, buzzfeed, and so all have their .tv domains.

This is a very rare domain name.


How much?

PM me your offer


Hi, do you sell the facebook page as well? Can you please pm asking price?


No just the domain

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LoL! I was thinking the same. LadBible must have some copyright issues with this kinda thing? But only one way to find out I guess! lol! Best of luck!

Nr. one rule of domain reselling, don’t infringe on copyright/trademark.


@Swapd my thoughts exactly. I wouldn’t touch this domain with a 100 ft pole…

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