Large Budget: I have an Active Buyer Looking for One-Word Instagram Handles

I have an active buyer looking for one-word Instagram handles.

For consideration, please submit with asking price(s) and mention revenue if there is any.

To clarify - we are looking at handles with followers and handles without followers.

The big two stipulations are 1) that it has to be ONE WORD and 2) that it has to have an asking price.

I’m traveling tomorrow so replies may be slow. I will reply to every submission.

Since I’m new here and don’t know many of you yet here are details that I’ve put in my profile:

I’ve been buying, selling, and brokering domain names and other intellectual property for 10 years at

I also own

Check out my Linkedin profile for more info.

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Get requests for followers everyday

@cpb1999 - Your page doesn’t follow either stipulation the buyer requested. Please only advertise your property to interested parties, as this isn’t going to get you anywhere.