Largest Health Publication website geared towards 50+ women in US [615k CLEANED subs + 3 PREMIUM domains] (6 years age)

3 Premium Domains: Each had their specific role (membership area, free content site, offers site) Private. Will be sent to members who have their ID verified. Serious inquiries only please.

Websites included?: Yes

Fanpage: 236k Likes on Facebook page

Mailing list: 615k cleaned (in Jan this year) e-mail subscribers

Price: Offer

Reason for selling: We have moved out from the business after issues with the payment processor and are not coming back to it. So this will mostly be a premium asset sale.

Description: Over $2M ad spend over 6 years with no ad account problems. Following ad acc has $1.4M on it, but older $600k Facebook doesn’t show for some reason.

We revived our e-mail list at the end of December to show potential buyers our stats. And we are looking at over $10k+ in affiliate commissions this month. We’ve sent out quality offers mixed with content to avoid list burnout.

If the buyer decides to reinstate the membership are with it’s $19 or $29 per month fee. Then you could be looking at a very decent business for yourself.

6 years of original content, guides, coaching videos on weight-loss, getting in shape (metabolism, hormones etc), increasing energy levels, reducing stress and increasing wellness + extensive amount of specific recipes with grocery lists.

Website had over 30,000 memberships customers at $19.99/mo until payment processor pulled the trigger and stopped co-operating after charge-back rate got over 1%. Reason, old members wanted to stop their memberships and since our company was based in Austria, then lots of payments were randomly declined by US processors as well, thus leading to the rise of CB rate.

Customers have compared us with Weight Watchers, they’ve lost more weight than with WW and have told us their journey is easier with our guides and video tutorials.

Memberships area will be shown by screenshare video.

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Only skimmed through, but initially. It looks good. Good luck with sales!

The organic traffic seems low now, or am I wrong? How is the current activity?

There is no organic traffic. All the subscribers were generated by Facebook ads in the past, when FB stopped then our only traffic generator became e-mail.

What’s the most recent open rate (average) on that list?

This isn’t the first time this has been listed here. The old post was locked.

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Yep. Last time we had the issue that nobody trusted the email list. So now we have cleaned it and sent test campaigns for proof.

5-10% on whole list. Total around 76k readers. But we rushed the IP warmup process a bit, so we are losing around half the opens to SPAM at least.

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Maybe Im missing something but if your site had that sort of exposure on Facebook, it would show in 3rd party metrics like Similarweb or Alexa. Simweb shows almost no traffic:

I too buy from Facebook and its reflected in third party metrics.

Business was shut down at the start of 2019. Since then we haven’t directed any traffic to our domains.

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