for sale!

Domain name:
Website included?: no
Price: Best offer - no offers below 4 figures.

Description: Premium-domain name in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex niche. sold for 37,500 USD on 2015-08-23. sold for 2,765 USD on 2015-08-19. valued at 120,000 USD by estibot.

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LGBTI has no correlation to the LGBT/LGBTQ community. Those sold for high prices because those are direct acronyms for those who identify in that area.

Hi @Ogre , LGBTI is the third most popular acronym next to LGBT and LGBTQ with the strongest possible correlation to the LGBT/LGBTQ community. The biggest human rights organizations in the world, of course driven by the community itself - grassroots, non-governmental and intergovernmental - regularly use the acronym on global, regional and local level.

biggest human rights ngo in the world
you probably know the UN that declared in the preamble of the UDHR their commitment to human rights
Organization of the European Court of Human Rights

I guess I’ve been proved wrong. I looked it up prior to commenting just to make sure and the only articles I could find were how the I in LGBTI (intersex) were having difficultly proving “legitimacy” in the community. Carry on and glws (:

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Instead of writing “up” i share this interesting map :slight_smile: This domain is still available. And although swapd is from Poland and they have only 16% on this map, they do not discriminate. Except against @RandyMarsh and that’s understandable if you think about it.

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