Liberal website + active Twitter profile with 22K followers

Domain name:
Website included?: Yes
Price: Best offer

Description: 18-month old domain, founded on December 30, 2016.
Liberal politics website with 900+ posts (dozen of them went viral), 95% U.S. audience, with 3,5M visits in 2017 and 500K visits in 2018 and 200 organic visits daily.

Active 22K followers Twitter account and 2K email list are included.

How much for Twitter account?

Please share links, thanks.

Web link is listed above.


Hi Nova, i am not interested in the website, but could you please send me the Twitter URL?

How much revenue have you pulled in over the last 3 months?

Around $1500

Still available, price $1500.
Monetized with Adsense and

How much for JUST the Twitter account?

Pm your offer.

Sende me details on pm pls:)


What type of paid traffic did you use?

None, there was no need for such thing.

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