Listing CMC, Coin Gecko Token , Coin 1500$ ( three option )

Service type: Publishing Crypto


Option 1- 1500$ 2-6weeks (only CMC)

You must have $50,000 liquidation and $200,000 Volume for Atleast 10 days, and it will take 2-6 weeks to get you listed

Option 2- 2000$ - 7-14 days (Only CMC)

Listed on exchanges
Working website
Social medias
Scan website to view coin/token and code must be verified and visible
2000 holders minimum

Option 3 = 24-48 hours Publishing on CMC and Coin Gecko 8000$

No requirements

How is this any different than submitting through CoinGecko directly? I have submitted many tokens to CoinGecko and it never took more than 1-2 days and it was always free.


Agree. CMC only ask $5K for paid listing and CG is free.

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