[Looking for] A&Rs, Engineers, etc. of major rappers

I am looking for someone who can guarantee a placement with any major artist, such as Lil Baby, Migos, Future, etc.

Example: you are an A&R, Engineer, Manager or anyone who works closely with a major artist who can guarantee that the rapper will rap on my beat/instrumental (fully released song).


Tagging some music guys who might find this interesting

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Can make it happen for the right price, DM with more info on what you’re doing exactly and budget


I work as a talent/artist manager full-time and can get in contact with, or find exclusives for, quite a few artists. outside of the budget needing to be huge, your biggest obstacle in a legitimate release will be the label clearance. people have open records, features, and potentially connections to these artists and are able to get you stems; that doesn’t mean their label ever clears the song.
just a lil fyi :slight_smile:

DM me budget + a list of artists and i’ll let you know what I could potentially do


Mainly looking for engineers who can play beats in studio sessions. But I’m open for any other ideas, as long as you can guarantee a placement