Looking for a Wikipedia page creator

Description: Hey guys I’m looking for anyone who’s able to create a Wikipedia page for me or can approve my submission. Yes before you ask I’m willing to pay but be reasonable with your prices, a man has bills to pay unfortunately and Christmas ain’t looking cheap this year so shoot me a DM please.

This service isn’t allowed on-site anymore I don’t believe.

I believe it is last week you it was blacklisted from searches but now it’s up again

@SWAPD is this service back on?

Nobody will ever be able to create your Wiki unless you have MAJOR relevancy and authority press sources

Even if they create it, it will drop



Damn so basically it’s impossible? I have this guy telling me he’ll sell me a spot on simple English Wikipedia for $500 is it worth it? Or is it one big scam

Moved to Buyer Requests.

If he can give you a 6 month guarantee

And you have proofs that he will not run

You can try

But if you don’t have major mentions from valuable sources, no, nobody will make it work

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