Looking for camera friendly guy who will record reactions on casino videos

I’m looking for funny and interesting “camera friendly” guy who will record reactions on casino videos (English). We have a channel with 24k subs (1000xwsession). Channel has more than 3000 watch time hours and will soon be ready for monetisation. It has huge potential, RPM on casino videos is around $6-15 which is not the only source of income. You can also get huge partnerships with big online casinos, since they all have a program for social network promotors. You will be eligible to 25% of all channel’s income sources. We can sign a contract for a long term partnership to guarantee safety for both parties.

Process of work:

  • download popular gambling video
  • record yourself reacting on this video
  • uploading videos
  • we cover thumbnails
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Hello tell me what is the salary exactly

What will this channel earn the first month and how videos i have to produce a month?

I can do it, please send me your budget for this project.

I would like to know how much your Channels will make on estimate?