Looking for Facebook Meme Fanpage around 10k Likes

I am looking for a Facebook Fanpage with around 10.000 likes to use or to merge with my existing shadow banned 10k page to hopefully get it going again.
Can be more or less than 10k.

Nice to haves:

  • Page is Meme and/or Video Game related (but all “Nerd” stuff is OK, in combination with Memes),
  • is not dead (=has a normal, healthy or better amount of reach),
  • no strikes or penalties on it.

Audience target:

  • english speaking: USA, UK, Australia, (EU),
  • Age: mainly 18-24

Does not specifically need to be Ad Break ready, but please no demonitized Pages.

I know this size of page is unusual to get traded on here but I don’t think I can afford a bigger page at the moment, also I’m new to the matter.

Thank you in advance

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