Looking for Forbes USA Feature Article

I am looking for Forbes USA feature article.

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Can help

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Price and Sample Please.

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no name in title and it’s tied into an entertainment topic, name will be mentioned 5-8 times throughout the article.

4-5 week tat

I don’t release other samples for customer protection.

What’s the best price you can give

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Make offer in pms

Looking for same

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Msg me :slight_smile:

Thats over price for something that is not even proper featured article.

That is a feature article too the realistic limits, if you want a article to stay up for a week to month you can find a employee who doesn’t care about his job or is going quit.

But that will get you in trouble if the person is exposed news wise and will basically get your company or whatever canceled from major news outlets.

The way I have my writers do it makes sure your articles are long lasting and don’t look like paid press.

I like to see sample of how you mention client which you consider it as Feature.

I don’t show examples for security’s of are clients and writers.

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