Looking for price quotes on an IG unban or handle recovery (Arti)

Hi all, I recently purchased this Instagram account (semi-OG handle), and it was banned within one day. I’ve never had anything banned before, so this is completely new to me. I sent in a selfie etc, but they denied the selfie and now the account is permanently banned. I’m wondering how much it would cost for me to unban the account. I’m not looking to spend too much, especially if the ban could somehow come back, and also because this handle isn’t worth much at all.

I’m also fine with just being able to get my handle back. The account itself means nothing to me. I just want my handle back.

Let me know how much this would cost, and maybe I’ll consider purchasing. Screenshots of ban below.

pm pm

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What’s your budget?

I can activate, text me


It’s an arti ban apparently. Give me a quote

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