Looking for Watch channel w/ Ad Breaks. 100k+ usd per month


We have a fan network of 450M fans on Facebook, which delivers 2B video views per month. We are looking for Watch & Gaming channels with Ad Breaks enabled and even more with pre-rolls enabled - those are ads in the beggining of the video (not in the middle).
We can push these channels by sharing videos with our network and do a revenue share with you and owner. We can do 100k+ usd in ad breaks revenue monthly per channel.


I want to know more about it


Do you have a Ad Breaks monetized channel?


yes bro, I have some small page ranging from 70k like to 150k


Only watch pages or big pages with adbreaks count too ?


I have a few, PM me


I have watch page we can talk about it if interested inbox


I have page with 250k followers and ad break enabled ,pm me.


the sharing trick has been closed by facebook 1 month ago. any video shared from a page with ad break enabled to another page was forbidden and ads will not show up in the video shared.


Service still available ?


Service still available ?