Looking to buy ig acc up to 100$

Must include original email and must have US as country with most followers.

Paying up to 100$ max

When contacting send:

  1. username
  2. Screenshot of demographics
  3. price (up to 100$ max)

I have account pm me

U pm me then
You have read what you need to send

Selling babes IG pages

10k @lostqueens_

Demographics ? Price?

This is very low activity


@sexy_ology 28k @200$

You do understand what “up to 100$” means?

Lost queens_

Lost queens is sh*t its worth way less


I can pay 35$ plus fees for that if it has original email

Make it 50 plus fees and its a deal

I cant, its really low activity and it has only 15% usa, thats very low
I can do 35$ plus fees and thats max for me


Open ticket