Looking to buy Retweets on big English Twitter accounts

I’m looking for a Twitter account with a relatively big following and good engagement to retweet videos (viral and positive content) on a regular basis.

I will need 4-8 retweets a month.

Let me know ASAP.

Include links and desired rates.

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What would the video topics be?

Varies but will be viral giving back style videos.

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I have a good and active Twitter account
If you wish I will be there for you!

If you wish I will be there for you

Thank you but I have a girlfriend.

You’ve PM’d me a “hello” and replied to this comment. But you literally haven’t given me any information about niche, the link, handle, rate etc.

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I have a account 122k related to nature.
It’s very active account. I can give you retweet in low price.check ussername DELETED BY STAFF

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