Looking to earn from your Facebook page without spending on videos?

Service type: Monetization of Facebook pages with licenced videos

Description: If you own a fanpage or a network of pages with at least 1M fans, we can monetize it for you. With licenced, well made videos that will go viral and add a nice revenue stream to your page every month.

Example videos:

All videos are properly licenced to our company, so you do not have to fear someone else claiming your earnings.

PM me with your bigger pages links and let’s make some money!


Can you send me more info, regarding rev split etc, have about 4 mill likes ove multiple pages

more detail pls.

Marking this premium + verified as I’ve already discussed this with toms and I know for a fact that he can deliver. Can’t stress enough how important it is to have properly licensed videos, as otherwise, your properties are at risk. With toms, (if your page is good), you’re bound to make money and keep your pages safe.

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how much cost for this service

I think you don’t understand this service @jeprikz - Toms will actually pay you! :slight_smile:

You have to be careful Toms with Newsflare videos. Especially the Chinese clips as they’re all stolen. You run the risk of copyright strikes if any of the owners find that you or newsflare are using them. The other videos they represent are fine though.

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I sent you a PM more than 2 days ago, asking for more details, but have not received any reply. If there are real facts to share, please do so, otherwise why post it at all?

can you explaine very clear pls because im new in this kind of thread thank you.

So let’s say you have a page with lots of fans. You want to earn money from Ad Breaks, but you do not have your own content. There are couple of ways to go:
A) Make your own original content
B) “borrow” content from others and hope no copyright issues appear and that the rightsowner does not claim all your earnings in the last day of the month
C) Do a revenue share deal with us and have fully licenced viral content that will make you money with no effort or problems

We post videos to your pages in agreed categories and split the revenue your pages generate

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ok i understand but my page not yet enable ads break.

This is ment for only big pages that can deliver reasonable amounts of money per month. When your small, you go with what you can get on your own

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i have 101k likes in my page

majority audience in philippines

Hey I’m interested dm me please

Infos please



Please PM me once you have bigger pages. We can only accept pages with at least 1M fans.

Hello Toms.
Sorry for being out of topic, but you might know how to find a solution for my issue. I am running a fanpage with around 35K fans. I completed all three requirements for adbreaks, but my country is ineligible. I am not finding a solution. I can tell you what I did until this time, and if you can help me out, I would be happy to know your price.