I paid over $4,300 just to have a verified Instagram for only 60 days

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Yeah I would say it’s super risky. Most of the time the accounts are placeholders for official users or have been verified in dodgy way. I would stay away 100% from pre-verified accs.

If an account is verified in the name of someone other than the actual user, It only means It’s just a mistake in the eyes of Facebook and they can correct it anytime they want. It’s really only a matter of “when” and they are getting really aggressive with verified accounts lately.

You all think if seller claims the account was hacked they would reverify through media portal? Because there is no evidence of any sale and that’s exactly what it looks like is the account was hacked…… let me know y’all’s options

The problem isn’t getting verified (that’s fairly easy with the right contact) the problem is just keeping the check when ownership switches. Changing usernames of a verified isn’t as easy as people make it seem lol

This problem started recently, a short few weeks ago. Well, actually in March but they’re getting removed at a higher pace now. Platforms are cracking down hard and we wouldn’t recommend that anyone purchase pre-verified properties.

Yes but if the original owner who got it verified and claims the account is hacked why wouldn’t Instagram give the blue badge back?

Because it’s hacked? Like why would they keep it on haha

No I’m saying the seller I got it from is submitting a appeal to get the badge back because the account was “hacked” will Instagram care? There is no proof of any sale on the verified account. So why would Instagram punish the owner if he was indeed hacked and not revert the account! If that makes sense?

Oh they won’t care. If your account is hacked and the hacker posts porn, you’re screwed. They don’t care, they will definitely not give the badge back haha

I did not post porn haha just pictures and a link in my bio, I diddnt break any rules in the way. And I’ve talked to people on here before who managed to get accounts with removed badges re verified before…. You really think I’m 100% screwed?

I’ve experienced similar things but usually getting the badge back is extremely hard

Apparently my seller thinks there a 70% chance of success

No harm in trying lol

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It honestly looks hacked. Like I tried to take over the account. My seller who originally verified it lives in India and I’m all the way in America. I’m sure they will be able to see the IP difference

Why would Instagram punish verified users who get hacked and loose the badge I wonder? Any suggestions?

I don’t think it’s punishment more prevention of further damage. If an account is irreversible hacked and it’s verified, they can just take it away and give the original owner a badge on their new account you know?

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You bought hacked accout or someone hacked your account?

No. This is a “claim” in order to try to get the blue badge back.

Yes but what if the account is recovered and they submit through media portal account was hacked?