Luxury/Motivational IG @

Probably one of the very few motivational / luxurious niche usernames left on the market. I’ve owned plenty during my time online and these can fetch quite a penny, and can be heavily branded if you know what you’re doing.

6 letters long. OGE provided with purchase. Very clean history, I’m probably like the 3rd ever owner of this handle, completely secure.

Only disclosing this IG to those who are ID Verified.
Transferwise / Bank Wire only as payment.

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Please send the handle thanks

Heavily slept on, still have this.

Hi, please send me the handle, thanks

Handle please

Hey there please send handle!

y’all know this is gonna be some heat

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Replied to everyone.

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Re opening this. Have had many inquiries but nobody has ever pulled through.

Still for sale.

Please send username. Interested

What’s handle


Replied to everyone, will include the matching TikTok handle if interested