MADE over 2k$ so far! --- (UPDATE POSTED) Selling Andrew Tate affiliate acces + premium domain - + NEW WEBSITE

(UPDATE) I made over 2k$ selling Andrew Tate Course.


Details: How this can benefit you? Well Affiliate access is closed and only few memebers have acces to this feaute. That means if you purchae right now acces to Andrew Tate course you will not be able to fo Affiliate Marketing.

  • Also my % on every sale is 50% - regular members gets 25% ( I’m the premium one :smiley: )

I’m open for the offers. So hit me in PM.

With affiliate accounts you will get as bonus

  • 3x 50k Instagram account
  • 1x over 30k Followers Twitter account

P.S Since I’m lazy person, I use google ads to generate the income. I spent little over 500$ on ads to make this 2k$


I’m interested if you publicly list your asking price. I don’t do bidding wars

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