Major Reddit Account -6.5yrs old, 244k karma, front page 25x, Gold x10

The account is currently sitting at:
6.5 years old
162.2k comment karma
82.3k link karma
10x Gold rewarded post

I have been on the front page 25 times, have 44 comments with over 1,000 upvotes, with an addition 37 comments over 500 upvotes, and my submitted post have been over viewed 5 million times. Awarded gold 10x. All have been legitimately upvoted by users. Zero bots used on a single post.

I am looking to sell the account in full, meaning giving you the entire account login information for you to resell to a company or whatever seems fit to do with it.

Thank you for posting on SWAPD. Just an FYI, reddit accounts never reached such large offers, just letting you know. For a fraction of your demand our members were able to obtain actual moderator accounts on popular subreddits. But, I wish you best of luck! Thank you for listing.


I have like 30+ of these (not with the same metrics though I can make that much karma soon) but even them in total wouldn’t sell for 1200. I know a few reddit marketplaces that have obscenely high price for such accounts and I guess many first timers fall for it.


Price has been updated.

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