Makeup Brand (Including $60k Stock & 818K Instagram Account)

FOR SALE: Melanin Makeup Brand
I am selling this Melanin Makeup Brand on behave of a client.

Background story: The owner is a serial entrepreneur started this makeup brand in the end of 2019, after he successfully sold his 50% stake in another makeup brand. The makeup brand is melanin focussed, which has a huge potential. The owner invested roughly $150k to get this going, which was spend on product development, management, product stock, etc. Most money was spend on R&D. Initially the brand was planned to launch in February 2020, but got a lot of delay due the corona virus.

Products are from very high quality (including exclusive packaging).

Lately the owner lost interest in running the account. That’s basically because he made a lot of money in crypto.

Loads of influencers have been hired to promote the brand, to generate content & brand awareness. That’s where 100% of the sales came from. Besides that, there’s done almost zero on marketing. This brand is ready to skyrocket through someone who can manage an ecommerce store + Facebook Ads.

Current stock is located at ShipMonk, which is linked to Shopify to easily manage & ship all orders. Very easy to run.

1. Revenue

  • 219 customers total
  • $18,139.64 dollar amount:

2. Instagram

  • Tags on Acct: 208
  • Stories Total: 394

3. Exclusive Content

  • Pictures: Roughly 480
  • Music Videos: 38
  • Talking Videos: 4

4. Facebook Ads

  • Over 100+ video ads are ready for use.

5. Reviews

  • 176 total website reviews
  • 77 with photos

6. Stock
Roughly $60,000 in stock (costs)

Current stock (Shipmonk)

7. Misc

  • Facebook Ads have been slightly ran. $1500 ad spend in total.

  • Facebook has verified the business and all documents. Account is unlimited spending.

  • Google Merchant + Shopping has been setup, not currently not live. $0 ad spend in total.

  • Instagram account was a viral makeup account and purchased for $14,000 back in September 2019

  • TikTok account was a viral makeup blog started in house

What you get
Stock: around $60,000 in products (Resell value over $250,000)
Instagram account 818K Followers (rebranded account, bought from me)
Facebook page
Shopify store
Google Analytics Account
Loads of content: including product, advertisement & influencer content
All related accounts

Price: $25,000, also open to partnerships on this store


Could you DM me more info on partnerships?

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It’s more like if you have a partnership idea, feel free to send me over

Marked spotlight as this is a unique listing.


Thank you

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Why would they sell 60K USD worth stock at only 25K

if everything appears as it seems, i can get this store to $5k a month in the first 3 months
Seems like a solid brand and with some planning can really take off

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Keep in mind the resale value is even much higher & there’s a lot more invested than $60k.

At this point the owner just wants to get rid of it. He tried selling it higher, but it was too much headache for him. I don’t know the exact amount, but he recently made a lot of money via crypto. My guess is that he just doesn’t care anymore at this point.


Go it mann

I’ll DM you. I have a few questions but this falls 100% in line with what I’m looking for.

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This is FIRE! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:
Cosmetics convert well. Will dm an offer later today

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Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Did my dm go through?

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Yes. Still entertaining offers :smiley:

Still available. Will accept any reasonable offer :wink:

If this is not sold anytime soon, project will be stopped & stock will be thrown away.

Does this come with the trademark as I see they have a trade mark with this name that was filed in 2020


Check your dm

Under a ticket

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