Mandatory grace period

All properties/services sold on SWAPD are subject to a mandatory 24-hour grace period after the transfer (or service) is completed. This includes not only virtual items but all services, also. Mentorship tickets will have a 7-day grace period. This ensures that everything sold on SWAPD is properly verified and that the seller’s statements are true and the terms upheld. During this time, buyers should check for anything they deem important to them and for things that were set in the checkout ticket transaction terms.

Grace period rules and recommendations:

  • Buyers are not allowed to make any significant changes to the property they have purchased (name changes/bio changes/deleting content/uploading harmful content/etc.) Failure to follow this rule may disqualify buyers from the ability to return the item.
  • Buyers are encouraged to do a few test posts to check for activity (if applicable).
  • Buyers are encouraged to research everything they deem important.
  • Buyers should cross-check statistics of the property (if any) against what the seller offered in his listing.
  • Buyers agree that they have 24 hours before the grace period expires. Failure to report any possible problems within the set timeframe will result in the release of the funds to the seller.
  • All services, without exception, are also subject to a mandatory grace period.
  • Buyers have the option to waive the grace period upon request. However, this will instantly void any future support from SWAPD staff if things go wrong down the line with the purchased item/service. SWAPD reserves the right to refuse disputes against tickets where a grace period was skipped.

Grace period exceptions.

Since YouTube channel transfers are subject to a 7-day wait time, where the buyer is included in the channel permissions list during that time, the mandatory grace period does not apply for such tickets.