Marketing Mentions on (US ONLY!)

I’m selling mentions on the US website, the price is $750 which can be paid via;

Bank Wire



I’ll do PayPal too, but will need to be slightly more.

Only accepting one person per month, must be in the marketing niche, with a backstory from one of these areas;



Google Ads

Google Analytics


Social Media

Social Media Marketing

SMS Marketing

Email Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Marketing related topics

  • Will need to be approved beforehand.

What you’ll get?

A quote which will include 3-5 sentences about you, your name, your company

Turnaround time?

Up to 3 months.

How will it work?

Please PM me with your backstory and a quote you think which would work into an article. We’ll build an article around your quote, but bare in mind other people’s links will be included in this article.

Once approved by myself, we can start a checkout ticket, then expect to be posted on Entrepreneur within two-three months, bare in mind no URL will be included, only company name & your name and a quote.

Just to note, you will be mentioned with 4 or so other people. - This isn’t a feature.



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