Mass Story Engagement | 1000s of Targeted Followers A Month | Crazy Increase In Engagement | Free Trials Available!

100% Safe Engagement for Verified and Non-Verified Accounts

We target a plethora of user-provided accounts in any niche to boost engagement, comments, follows, DMs, and sales — if you have a shop set-up on your page(s).

Since we only target real followers from profiles in your niche, you will get 100% organic results.

The more complete and aesthetic your profile is, the better results you’ll get. Typically, Meta suggests colorful imagery over black and white, and human faces rather than scenery.

Trials are available upon request

Verified: $500 / month

Non-verified: $150 / month

(Price is higher for verified because we can safely perform more actions leading to higher results)

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Do you have a non-verified account sample that you have pushed?

Do you need access to the account or not ?


Important question

What results can you guranree also? What if badge is lost because of this


This method is absolutely 100% not safe for non verifieds.


Why is it more expensive for verified?


Wondering the same thing


Are you using this service?


I thought this method was patched, it’s extremely high risk on your account, verified or not.


On our program it is, never had an issue in 9 months

What about verifieds?

This person has no idea what they are talking about I have several verified and non verified users running my script with no issue. This is not the traditional public patched script from 2019 guys. This is a private script that isn’t available to the public. It’s not letting me reply after one reply, but pm me if you have questions.

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Ill trial it out and post a review.


Sweet sounds good to me!

@SXI i run 138 clients on the story viewing and story liking script rn, and I can guarantee it has issues for non verifieds lmao (a client was banned yesterday for example).

Plus, no one really started using this method again until story liked were launched. If you’ve been running this 9 months like you said, then that was before IG released story likes and I’m highly skeptical you were running this service without story liking…


I’d like to try it.

Before they enabled story likes it was just a mass story viewer. Just because your script has issues, doesn’t mean mine does man.

We are using the same script man…

Mass story automation is not safe, and I think it’s best clients know the risks.

You should edit your post.

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