Maximize ad-break earnings, increase views and likes on your pages

My name is Joe, my company focus’ on securing licensing / permission for content that can be used on social media (predominately Facebook) to generate revenue and page growth without the worry of copyright strike.

What we are offering to SWAPD members is a service completely commission based (we make money when you make money). We will provide you with picture meme’s, video meme’s and 3 min videos to increase reach, revenue and growth.

As well as providing you the content other services we can provide you are:

.Scheduled content
.Give advice on ways to increase viewership and user interaction
.Third party advertisement deals

We are a UK based company (if your local pop-in to our offices and have a coffee). We currently manage several pages but due to the necessary investment not every applicant will be accepted into our network.

If you are interested in finding out more information please drop me a message or reply to this thread.

(Please allow us up to 24h to respond)

Many thanks Joe


Hello! Tell me more! I am interested

Interested, please share some more information…

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Pm me withe more details

interested please tell me more

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pm more details and price

Interested, can you pm me more details & previous track record + pricing?

Info please

pm with more detail information

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Pm with Infos please

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Can you please tell me more information?

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Price and info on past success and niches please



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I would like to have a discussion with you in private.