MENTORSHIP: Get $100k in GOOGLE ADS credit and over 100TB Storage on Google Workspace FREE

Service type: Mentorship on creating google ads non for profit accounts.
Price: $10000


GOOGLE ADS needs no introduction. It is the number 1 advertising platform on the internet.
Imagine if you get $100k+ credits to advertise on GOOGLE for FREE.

In this Mentorship, you will learn a method to create GOOGLE ADS FOR GRANTS accounts and use them with cloaking to run google ads FREE.

You will also be able to utilize this same process to obtain over 100TB via GOOGLE WORKSPACE for free.

MENTORSHIP COST - $10,000 but for a limited time only you get a 70 percent discount that lets you pay - $3,000

Usually the price for one of these accounts goes for $3k - $5k depending on your vendor.

This method lets you create as many of these accounts as you want and i include a guide on ads cloaking that will help you utilize these accounts for whatever kind of ads you want to run with them. You can also use them to grow your social media accounts.

Turn Around Time- 21 days (14 days for the mentorship and 7 days grace period). In this timeframe you will be able to create at least 1 account to validate the method.

Send PM for more details or to start the ticket.

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