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or can i use rdp?

No sorry you have to be in the USA for this

If I’m in the US and want to partner with someone, is that possible? Is there any risk to me, given it requires an ID? Why can’t the VA switch? I’d like to open a ticket once I understand this detail a bit better.

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Dm me please

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Just replied to your PM

Very detailed and well written guide! Method is very unique and will work, just will take time to complete tasks. I would definitely recommend!



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Thank you :pray:

just sent you a DM

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Sounds great. Lets open a ticket!

pm me details

Purchased this guide! Very interesting method.

I personally do not have the time to sit and devote to do this. There are also some other factors that limit the amount of income you can generate, but realistically if you strategize properly, you can make approximately $120/hour. This means full, dedicated hour of work, not a BS “hour.”

If you have the time and dedication, you can definitely make money.

Good luck everyone!


Man this method seems so tempting after checking reviews but what about for people who are not from USA, can’t we use some VPN or anything else?

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When you are saying that someone NEEDS to be based in USA is it because:

a) There is some sort of resident verification needed?
b) need to verify ID with real drivers licence/SSN etc?

If its any of those - then there are workarounds for most of these things and services that help to bypass on most platforms.



Same, it’s maybe not all online based perhaps?

Hence why you physically need to be in the US.


It’s not all online based you have to be in the USA there is no work arounds to this.

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Even if we bypass id and face verification? And using a usa ip?