Mgid for sell

I have Mgid for sell with price 250$ if interest contact me

What is Mgid?


how can we use MGID on our website? I know you might of have approved on some other domain but how can we include our site onto it.
Just leave the Traffic or requirements thing as if someone is fulfilling the requirements he won’t need the account.

you no need to scare at all you buy my account and I will give you account mgid and transfer domain to your too you just prepare that domain sent traffic to that and get money !!

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nowaday it is hard to get approve it is better than google adsense

Mgid is the best native ads

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mgid is the best than google adsense

its an ad network


You need to get approved for every domain you have. Just for testing I applied yesterday I got approved in less than 12 hours. Just design good looking website, add a lot of posts and have a little traffic. You’ll get approved.

no men it not like you all time

how tall is the migid? male or female?


what you mean bro habe no male or female thia just domain

Are you saying you have an MGID account with $250 balance for sale?

no just account

MGid is no way better than Adsense. Only ad network that is closer to Adsense is MediaNet in terms of Earning…

why u know that men how can you make sure with this

I have Mgid accounts for sell with price 150$ if interest contact me

I think Most confusing topic till now lol

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